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Nature's Nutrition Raw Acacia Honey 900g

NN Raw Acacia honey 900g 1-for-1

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This bundle contains 2 jars of Nature’s Nutrition Raw Acacia Honey 900g

This honey is harvested by bees from flowers of large Acacia trees and is known for its light colour and characteristic mild, floral flavour. Acacia honey has a high fructose to glucose ratio which supports a balanced blood glucose level. Perfect for use as a natural sweetener or sugar replacement in beverages, smoothies, cereals, desserts, cakes and more. Our honey is tested for Diastase and HMF. It is raw and unpasteurized, hence, natural crystallization may occur.  If so, place honey jar in a warm water bath to allow honey crystals to return to liquid state.

Not suitable for children below 1 years old. Harvested in Bulgaria.

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