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August 13, 2021
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Nature’s Nutrition Organic Flaxseed 500g

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Toast flaxseeds for a nutty fragrance. Sprinkle them into salads, yoghurt bowls or add to your bakes. Flax seeds can also be grinded and added to smoothies and cereals. For source of protein, take 2 servings per day and get the essential amino acids needed to aid in the building and maintenance of body tissues. High in fibre to aid your digestion. Plant based source of Omega-3. Nature’s Nutrition golden flaxseed is certified USDA organic.
Short product description
• Golden Flaxseed
• Healthy
• Omega 3
• Gluten Free
• Affordable
• Certified organic
• Ready to eat
• Wholesale
• Keto diet
• Vegan/ Vegetarian
• Fresh
• Baking
• Milled
Storage information
Store in cool dry place, away from sunlight. Once opened, consume steadily
Country of origin
How to use
• Baking ingredient in breads, pastries, granola.
• Added to yoghurt or salads
• Grounded/milled into powder and added to beverages

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