WildCape Manuka Honey UMF 8+ 500g
July 6, 2019
WildCape Manuka Honey UMF 18+ 500g
July 6, 2019
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WildCape Manuka Honey UMF 8+ 1kg

WildCape Manuka Honey UMF 8+ 1kg

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WildCape is the only single source UMF™ Manuka honey harvested exclusively from the East Cape region of New Zealand to your home.

Geographically isolated by the Raukumara ranges to the west, the East Cape of New Zealand has remained sparsely populated and unspoiled. The region still has large tracts of virgin forest and a drive along the coast reveals endless untouched sweeping sandy beaches.

Often regarded as producing the finest Manuka honey in New Zealand, Manuka flowers in the East Cape region produce nectar naturally high in Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a precursor to the compound Methylglyoxal (MGO). The result is Manuka honey with consistently higher UMF™ and a delicious, mild flavour for you to enjoy.

Every jar of WildCape Manuka Honey proudly carries the UMF™ mark and has been independently tested and certified by the UMF™ Honey Association of New Zealand to assure quality and purity.

WildCape UMF™ 8+ Manuka Honey contains at least 182 mg/kg of Methylglyoxal (MGO).

To you, from paradise.

New Zealand Fernmark Licence No. 100136

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